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temporary foster parents or counseling them in shelters with other children "Theres no mention of any reunification or place in the executive order for those 2300 so we dont know at this time" said Ashley Feasley the policy director for migration and refugee services at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which is housing a number of migrant children in their shelters and foster homes "But were going to continue to serve these unaccompanied children through our program" Keeping business as usual isnt so easy Some non-profit faith-based foster care organizations funded through the Office of Refugee Resettlement struggled to keep up with the influx of children and found themselves adjusting to accommodate for younger traumatized children "Weve had to turn kids away because we havent had enough foster families" said Chris Palusky president of Bethany Christian Services which placed around 100 of these separated children in foster care homes in Michigan and Maryland "You cant just turn the spicket on and suddenly have 80 new foster parents" Bellor of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services said "Its not like if we can build capacity we can build it overnight” To accommodate the increase of children under unusual circumstances foster care program leaders say they’ve scrambled to launch months-long expansion projects in just a few weeks used group homes when possible and encouraged donors to provide more resources Clinicians at these foster care programs are working to address the well-being of the children as their parents in some cases are in an unknown location hundreds or thousands of miles away “Our foster care programs are having to respond to that immediate trauma of separation on top of everything else before they can move on to case management and other needs" said Katie Kuennen assistant director of childrens services at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services which has placed a number of these children in shelters or foster care Organizations are now tasked with trying to communicate with the federal government to find identify and reunite families Even when they can find the parents reuniting a family can be hard In one case an initial phone call took weeks to initiate said Kuennen Foster care is an option for children who are at "imminent risk of harm" and organizations and advocates tend to try to keep children with their families if feasible said Margaret Coyne executive director and co-founder of Advokids a group that helps young children entering state foster care programs in California The zero-tolerance policy essentially goes against that theory Coyne said “We now have the federal government proactively causing early childhood trauma” Coyne said in an interview before Trump signed his executive order As a result Bellor said the priority for foster care groups is trying to do the right thing for the children “Theyre anxious and its just hard in the absence of clear guidance” she said adding: “There’s a lot we’re trying to absorb at this point” Katie Reilly contributed to this story Correction: The original version of this story misstated what Ashley Feasley said regarding the migrant children who have been separated from their parents She said there was “no mention of any reunification” of those children with their parents not that there was "no mention of rehabilitation" Contact us at [email protected] alternative codename for Nintendo’s upcoming tablet-console games platform might be “Nintendo Drip” We first learned its codename “NX” back in early 2015 Then Nintendo’s new president confirmed it wouldn’t be the next version of the Wii or Wii U in December This year Nintendo maintained radio silence until October when it dropped a teaser video with the system’s name Nintendo Switch then showed off a few play scenarios But it’s still holding essential metricslike how much Switch will cost and when you can buy itclose to its Pantone 293-blue overalls In January everything changes Nintendo promised this fall that it would tell all (or at least a whole lot more) about the system come early January and now it’s laid out the specific time If you want to know how much Switch will cost when in March 2017 you’ll be able to buy one and I assume a bit more about the system’s raison d’tre bookmark wwwnintendocom/switch then set a reminder for January 12 at 11:00 pm ET Why so late Because the presentation’s going to stream live from Tokyo I have no idea how long it’ll be but presumably more than two or three minutes The Tokyo event will be followed by a hands-on press event in New York on Jan 13 TIME’s been invited and I’ll be there Nintendo says the New York event will be a deeper dive on whatever’s coming in the Tokyo presentation the night prior With any luck that’ll include hang time with some of the totable tablet’s launch titles as well as its local screen-versus-screen multiplayer angle Write to Matt Peckham at [email protected] adding 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