first_imgRedditor Tannon’s favorite video game is Chrono Trigger, so he decided to pay it tribute in an impressive manner. Over the course of two years, with help from his girlfriend, he recreated a screenshot from the game using 47,096 Perler beads. And before the couple could even begin building the piece, they had to convert the screenshot to Perler colors in order to make the finished product as precise as possible.They used a script to convert the colors, which required both Pygame and Python, as well as the desired picture to be named picture.png and kept in the same directory as the script. The colors are actually pretty similar, with the Perler conversion (on the right) turning out a bit lighter than the original artwork.The entire piece is made up of 56 panels, with each panel containing a 29×29 grid of beads, and the finished panels are arranged on a 7×8 grid. Tannon states that it took the couple around 170 hours total to assemble all of the panels.The couple did run into a problem in the build process, though. To melt the beads together, they used an iron, which isn’t very precise, and resulted in a bit of warping and uneven beads. Luckily, the uneven beads aren’t too noticeable in the finished piece.The final piece was mounted onto foam core, measuring in at 44×39 inches, and perhaps opened up a gateway to Lavos in the happy couple’s home.via redditlast_img