first_imgOfficials are investigating a report of a dog found skinned Sunday morning north of Salmon Creek. Susanne Baumann said her day began like any other when she woke up and let out her two dogs outside at about 8:30 a.m. But when she went to let them back inside at about 11 a.m., she found her pomeranian, Amanda, but couldn’t find her lhasa apso, Mr. Magoo.She walked to the edge of her 6½-acre property in the 15700 block of Northwest 31st Court and spotted what looked like a skinned rabbit near her pump house. “I just thought, I hope this isn’t what I think it is, but it was,” she said.She found her 7-year-old dog dead, but worse than that, the dog’s body looked like it had been skinned. Hair remained on the dog’s head and legs, but the animal’s body was skinned to the muscle, she said.last_img