first_imgMonitors driven by USB alone are hardly new: heck, that’s the whole point behind those diminutive MIMO displays, which allow road warriors to expand their real estate by seven or ten inches by just popping one into their laptop’s spare USB port.Historically, though, these monitors tend to be a bit too small to be useful. They’re really meant to hold an IM chat window or other similarly sized widgets, not do any real work on.Not so the Green House, a giant USB monitor with a 15.6-inch display that only needs 5W of power to operate (to put that in perspective, the iPad needs a 10 watt USB port to even charge). The resolution of the display isn’t that bad, allowing you to at least watch 720p HD movies on it at 1366 x 769, and while the 400:1 contrast ratio and 220cd/m2 brightness rating aren’t going to beat out a monitor with a dedicated power cord, that’s still not shabby for a USB display only 140mm thick and weighing just 1.2 kilos.The most impressive thing about the Green House, though, is that you can daisy chain up to six of them on one computer at a time. Try that with a regular monitor: you’d need an extremely expensive specialty card.Unfortunately, the Green House currently isn’t available outside of Japan, but if you choose to import, you should be able to pick one up for about $215.Read more at Green House (via Crunchgear)last_img