first_imgJOURNALIST AND MUSICIAN (and must-follow Twitter account) Rhodri Marsden tweeted this morning about an epic screw-up in the workplace.This was it:His tweet spawned replies. Those replies spawned replies. And before long, all of Twitter was recalling their most skin-crawlingly horrifying work blunders.These will make you feel better about your job.1. Source: Joshua Rappeneker2. Source: Joe Shlabotnik3. Source: HowardLake4. Source: vawa_925. Source: PA Archive6. Source: karola riegler photography7. Source: YouTube8. Source: 24oranges.nl9. Source: mueritz10. Source: lizasperling11. Source: featherfly2712. Source: liewcf13. Source: NS Newsflash14. Source: SchuminWeb15. And worst of all… Source: Luca BrunoThe horror.What is your worst ever workplace screw-up? Let us know in the comments…5 reasons why Joffrey from Game of Thrones should quit acting>Bono and The Edge cover Get Lucky in wedding-band style>last_img