first_imgJohn’s contribution at Board level and in service of the New South Wales Touch Association has been enormous. He was elected to the role of Vice President in 1998, a role he remained in until 2000 when he took over as President, making him the New South Wales Touch Association’s longest serving President. Over that time he has lead, with the Board, New South Wales impeccably and steered the New South Wales Touch Association into the strong position it now finds itself in. His contribution and dedication to the sport was recognised with Life Membership of the Association in 2003. John has asked that we pass on a thank you to everybody who has helped and supported him over the years and to the many friends that he has made, you will not be forgotten. In resigning he has also wished the Board all the best for the future and knows they will continue providing great leadership to the New South Wales Touch Association. Touch Football Australia (TFA) Chief Executive, Colm Maguire, has had a long association with Howard and says he will be greatly missed. “Having started my role with New South Wales Touch, John was one of the first people I got involved with at Penrith Touch which also was my local affiliate. So having known John and his contribution for some time, I’m across the outstanding effort that he puts in at an affiliate level. Through the Sydney Mets, I obviously got involved with his involvement through to New South Wales Touch and have been close ever since whether that is at an employed level or a friendship level.” “John’s attributes are that he is one of those levelheaded, strong leadership type people that is always really willing to listen and willing to look at both sides of any issue that is on the table and make a judgement that is always in the betterment of the sport. This clear decision making has served NSWTA very well over the last 10 years. He’s been one of those long term servants of the game that will be very hard to replace,” Maguire said. Maguire says that he is looking forward to still working with Howard in the Touch community, with Howard still part of the Federation of International Touch (FIT). “His ongoing commitment to the sport, he is still on the Executive of the Federation of International Touch and probably looking to contribute a little bit more at that level. We will look forward to working on an ongoing basis with John just at a different level,” Maguire said. TFA Chairman, Michael Rush, is full of praise for the work that Howard has done in his time involved. “The sport needs to fully acknowledge the very significant role that John has played in his years at the helm of NSWTA. John has provided steady leadership for New South Wales and responsible representation at other levels of the sport. His integrity together with the judgement that he has demonstrated across a range of key issues is a great loss to the senior administrative ranks in the sport. On behalf of TFA, I wish to thank John for his contribution to the broader sport and wish him well in his future endeavours, which will no doubt include an ongoing interest in Touch Football,” Rush said.last_img