first_imgLet’s be honest, Samsung’s mobile business has been down in the dumps lately. Although the company has been churning out one handset after the other in quick succession, unlike say Sony (another down in the dumps OEM currently), the same hasn’t helped it in setting the cash counters ringing.Samsung has noted its weakest annual earnings in three years, in 2014 with its mobile business plunging to a significant 64 percent in Q4, 2014 when compared with the same in 2013.Yes, Samsung has itself to blame to a large extent for its dismal run. It’s mid-range and premium handsets, although quite brilliant in their own right have failed to create the kind of storm in the market that the company had hoped for. Meanwhile, its budget offerings are being ‘KO-ed’ left, right and center by Chinese brands with a vengeance.So, where does that leave Samsung? For all those of you who have practically written off the company, you must know, Samsung won’t go down without a fight. Samsung’s one last trick which could help reclaim its lost glory is its next flagship, the Galaxy S6. The question is, will it be enough?Here’s everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy S6 so far:A change in stance, a change in strategyChange is in the air and you can see it right from the onset. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has been codenamed ‘Project Zero’, perhaps the biggest change in how the company works around its flagships. Well until the Galaxy S5, the company used to codename its flagships with letters from the English alphabet. The Galaxy S5 for instance was codenamed Project K.advertisementWith Project Zero, Samsung has ventured out on an uncharted territory, forgiving and forgetting all the failures of Project K. The company started from scratch with this one, going back to basics and starting afresh.Unlike BlackBerry which brought its acclaimed QWERTY back from the dead with the Classic, Samsung decided to go back to the drawing board with the Galaxy S6. Whether or not it will be worth all the effort is still to be seen.Whats next? The answer will be revealed March 1st at #Unpacked. #TheNextGalaxy SamsungMobile (@SamsungMobile) February 3, 2015Going slim and metallic is the need of the hourSamsung for long has been criticized for unabashedly sticking to its plain old design aesthetics, which is boring to say the least. All its handsets, including the flagships look more or less similar, and frankly speaking, consumers are not buying that anymore. They want something new and they want it slim. It would be nice if they had some metal to boast too.Samsung is likely to ditch its polycarbonate form factor for the Galaxy S6 in favour of an all metal chassis. Schematic leaks suggest the Galaxy S6 will be 6.91mm in thickness and is expected to measure 143mm x 70.8mm.While the slim form factor along with the metal chassis does sound exciting, reports also suggest that the Galaxy S6’s metal chassis could remind you of the iPhone 6. We are not saying that’s bad, but for a company said to be reworking from scratch, that’s not exactly what you call ‘starting from scratch’.Big, bold and beautifulThe Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to feature a 5.1-inch display, same as the S5’s count. However, the Galaxy S6 is likely to come with a substantially bumped up resolution with reports suggesting a Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) resolution maybe on the cards.  Goodbye Snapdragon 810Samsung has decided to play safe with the Galaxy S6 and has therefore parted ways with Qualcomm for its next flagship. Up until now, it was expected that the Galaxy S6 would be shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 under the hood. However, alleged overheating issues with Snapdragon 810 made Samsung quickly change its mind to drop it, just in case.I can give more time to others. I am #TheNextGalaxy. SamsungMobile (@SamsungMobile) February 17, 2015Instead, the Galaxy S6 will most likely ship with Samsung’s own Exynos 7 processor that has been built on a new 14nm FinFET manufacturing process, a considerable improvement over the existing 20nm processor. As a result, the new Exynos 7 is up to 20 per cent faster and 35 per cent more power efficient, according to Samsung.   The Galaxy S6 is going to be Samsung’s first-ever 64-bit flagship.Toned down, faster TouchWiz One of the defining factors why Samsung’s devices are not doing well is its TouchWiz UI. Although Samsung’s flagship devices have been consistent in offering amazing hardware, its TouchWiz UI on top of Android brings the whole user experience down.advertisementI am #TheNextGalaxy. See how I give more time to others at #Unpacked. SamsungMobile (@SamsungMobile) February 17, 2015Good news is Samsung is now re-working on its TouchWiz UI to include just the bare minimum so user experience could be better. A toned down TouchWiz sounds tempting; with some reports suggesting the extreme diet could bring it close to stock Android to an extent.The Galaxy S6 is likely to ship with this new toned down TouchWiz UI.Sharper, intelligent camerasThe Galaxy S6 is expected to sport a 20MP rear camera with a Samsung sensor along with a 5MP front-facing snapper.I am #TheNextGalaxy. Be inspired by my vision at #Unpacked. SamsungMobile (@SamsungMobile) February 13, 2015Moving over the numbers, the shooters onboard the Galaxy S6 are expected to be sharper, and intelligent, as suggested by the company’s senior VP and head of camera R&D Group, DongHoon Jang:    “It will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amassing pictures under any conditions, without having to worry about anything more than just pressing the shutter button. It will demonstrate just how far Samsung has advanced smartphone cameras, and once again will open the creative side of our users for new ideas and new possibilities.”Wireless chargingAccording to Samsung, 2015 will be a landmark year for smartphone wireless charging and the Galaxy S6 is most likely to include this feature.No longer will users have to carry several different chargers/charging pads for multiple devices if Samsung’s wireless charging technology comes into being.last_img