first_imgOracle was up 35% in the last quarter, with much of that gain coming from a strong showing with its applications, but its middleware business is running strong too with a 28% increase. And much of Oracle’s middleware targets the growing SOA market.So it’s somewhat surprising to see Larry Ellison say that the SOA uptake has been slow and that he expects that it will be some time before companies will be running their shops with SOA.Ellison was quoted by CIO magazine as saying: “While I’ve read [these articles], people have to understand when you have a fundamentally new computer software architecture, SOA, it takes a long time for adoption”. Moving to SOA is not as easy as flipping a switch, he said. “It takes about 10 to 20 years before [you can] rewrite all of your applications.”“We think it’s a long-term growth story, it’s a very rapid growth story,” said Ellison. “It takes a long time for our customers to have a majority of their applications modernized and we think this is a growth story for a decade for us,” he said.But while Ellison talks about the on/off SOA switch, that’s not really the case. Adopting SOA doesn’t require a rewrite of existing apps. It is an architecture for allowing both legacy and new applications to interoperate. And, if that’s the case, SOA may be widespread long before the 10 to 20 year prediction of Ellison.last_img