first_imgArchaeopteryx, the organism about which I first came to know in grade 7 in my science book. I was very fascinated about this creature which is actually the link between birds and reptiles. Archaeopteryx can crawl and fly also but not full-fledged they could fly only for a short time and height. Archaeopteryx is the transition phase between the reptiles and birds.So is our generation that has seen a transition from the landline to touchscreen mobile I could still remember how we use to rush to inform pitaji that he had a call and how he used to pace to receive the call whenever he had called on the telephone and how today it’s just on your fingertips. The transition from Doordarshan to Netflix how the roads use to get deserted when Ramayan and Mahabharat was telecasted on Sundays and now how people get glued to screens to finish the whole series at a go. The transition from hide & seek we use to play in our backyard to Pokémon Go, where we need a GPRS to play a game. The transition from throwing garbage on roads to searching a dustbin to dispose of the garbage appropriately into dry and wet bins.In the last two decades, things have changed very rapidly just not the socio-economic scenario but also the emotional and mental make up of people have changed. The generation who was not allowed for same “gotra” marriages is witnessing same-sex marriages. Just like Archaeopteryx we are trying to catch up with winds, we are trying to spread our wings for longer duration but simultaneously we want to keep our foot firmly on the ground.last_img