first_img advertisement Trending Videos 21 cars from Paul Walker’s collection heading to auctionFast 9 doesn’t look like it goes to space like some predicted, but there is a rocket ship that picks up a car via magnet, piloted by Charlize Theron, which might be even better. One of the most popular movie franchises of all time is getting another instalment, and the trailer just dropped via a live event-slash-concert broadcast to YouTube.Fast 9 is the latest in the ongoing saga of wild car chase films that have spawned a generation of fans, and much of the original cast from the first few movies are back to make this one a classic film.A teaser trailer was unveiled earlier this week, depicting life on a farm for Vin Diesel’s character Dom. He has a young son named Brian – after the late Paul Walker’s character – who helps him fix tractors. Little Brian is gifted a necklace that was originally a gift from Dom, for “protection from what’s coming.” And apparently what’s coming is one very angry little brother, in the form of John Cena. The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car ever PlayThe Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car everPlay3 common new car problems (and how to prevent them) | Maintenance Advice | Driving.caPlayFinal 5 Minivan Contenders | Driving.caPlay2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge | Ministry of Interior Affairs | Driving.caPlayThe 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a new take on Canada’s fave truck | Driving.caPlayBuying a used Toyota Tundra? Check these 5 things first | Used Truck Advice | Driving.caPlayCanada’s most efficient trucks in 2021 | Driving.caPlay3 ways to make night driving safer and more comfortable | Advice | Driving.caPlayDriving into the Future: Sustainability and Innovation in tomorrow’s cars | virtual panelPlayThese spy shots get us an early glimpse of some future models | We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. Buy It! Princess Diana’s humble little 1981 Ford Escort is up for auction An engagement gift from Prince Charles, the car is being sold by a Princess Di “superfan” Sure, Dom is now a father who can no longer live his life a quarter-mile at a time. But his past ends up catching up with him anyway. (Sorry if this all sounds a little cliché.)As usual, the trailer suggests we’ll be treated to a raft of interesting vehicles, including a brand-new A90 Toyota Supra, but the most interesting vehicle we can see is the Pontiac Fiero with a rocket strapped to it. Yes, they went there. That reveal scene also shows us for a split-second the familiar face of Sean, the main character from Tokyo Drift. At the end of the trailer, Han from that film comes back as well.RELATEDcenter_img As family is a huge part of the series, it’s interesting to see what happens when a blood member of the family turns bad — or rather, shows us they’ve been bad all along. COMMENTSSHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Trending in Canada See More Videos RELATED TAGSDodgeFlexClassic CarsClassic Cars & TrucksNew VehiclesFlex Best of the Decade: The best car movies we saw between ’10 and now ‹ Previous Next ›last_img